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How parenting is shaping the values, beliefs and characters of America’s most diverse generation

According to a 2012 study by Frank N Magid, the current generation of kids aged 0 to 15, also called Generation Z are the most ethnically diverse generation in the US and have the most positive outlook towards diversity compared to previous generations.

The open-minded kids of Generation Z are also likely to acquire individual-oriented skills from Gen X parents and group-oriented traits from Baby Boomer parents. The collective impact of this is a the least amount of belief in achieving the American Dream among Generation Z children.

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The growing influence of YouTube stars on US teens and millennials

New studies have shown that young people in the US – especially teens and millennials – are more likely to look up to YouTube stars over Hollywood celebrities as influential role models. Youth who find YouTubers authentic and accessible are also increasingly turning to online videos over traditional television shows because it makes them feel good about themselves.

YouTube stars are relatable, engaging and extraordinary

A July 2014 survey by Variety revealed that the five most influential celebrity figures among American teens (13 to 18 year olds) are YouTube stars ranking ahead of mainstream Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen.
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US Millennials get their news on Facebook when checking up on their peers

A March 2015 study by the Media Insight Project shows that US Millennials who visit social media to check up on their friends end up consuming a significant amount of news they come across. Facebook is the leading platform where Millennials bump into news. This passive news consumption is opening them up to a diverse […]

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Breaking stereotypes around Pink and Princesses to empower young girls

A study by research agency The Pineapple Lounge published on February 2015, shows that 8 to 14 year old girls in the UK are starting to break age old stereotypes when it comes to their interests, role models, the color pink and affinity towards princesses. They also experience a drop in confidence and a rise […]

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US Youth Population: An Aging Millennial Generation

What’s in the article? An analysis of the U.S. Census Data. Key Finding: Older Millennials are the largest youth demographic in the United States. With the U.S. high school population in decline, expect more of older U.S. millennials in the near future. Who Exactly is a Millennial? Do a Google search for the term Millennials. […]

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Gender disparities in spending habits of Indian youth

What’s in the article? An analysis of youth spending in India. Key Finding: Young Indian men enjoy greater monthly allowances, varied discretionary spending options and more social mobility compared to young Indian women. Youth Spending Stereotypes How youth spend their money is not only indicative of economic and lifestyle trends, but also of larger social […]

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